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Michelle's expertise and credibility is something that I have been aware of for some time and I have personally witnessed Michelle’s caring and professional approach with patients undergoing IVF treatment. Her passion and knowledge of both conventional and traditional medicine shines through for a cohesive approach towards patients health and their ability to conceive.

Her research and clinical background puts her amongst the leaders in her field and patients have a high regard for her. I respect Michelle’s work ethics and pleased to work alongside her with a view to enhance patients outcomes in the field of fertility.

Mr Tarek El-Toukhy

Consultant Gynaecologist

Sub Specialist Reproductive Medicine &Surgery 

Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust 

Hello Michelle, 

You never guess, we got pregnant naturally!!! can you believe that? especially after J have all his problems with low sperm and then a=only having one testicle working and yet you helped us do this naturally! We never would have thought this would ever happen and was told that we could only have IVF, but you said it would happen and it has!! we are in complete shock Michelle, and we wanted to say thank you for everything during the highs and lows on our journey and most of all getting us to where we are now!! HG 2018  

Hi Michelle

The Twins were born with c section but both are doing ok and are healthy weight of  5lb 15 and 5lb 2. I can not thank you enough, not only for helping us get pregnant with baby number 1, you managed to get us pregnant with our twins and we just can't thank you enough. The fact that we hd to undergo IVF  through both pregnancies, but to get pregnancy n the first go both times with IVF its just unbelievable and we can't thank you enough. The staff at the hospital were so surprised when we said that we fell pregnant after the first round of IVF as well as our second with twins. Thank you for everything you have done and more, because without you holding our hands through every step of the way and of course putting us in the best place for pregnancy, I know we wouldn't have got this far without your expertise, care and most of all understanding. I will certainly miss you, but I will come back to see you just for health care maintenance in between the hectic life of a mother of twins I'm sure! SC 2018 

Dear Michelle 

I just wanted to let you know that when I went to the doctor back in NYC, he asked what I did to get pregnant at the age of 43, I said I met this miracle worker and she did this with her acupuncture and nutritional program within 6 months! He was very intrigued and asked so many questions and of course I didn't really have the answers other than I followed everything you asked of me and it worked! I am so great for all you have done for me and am a complete believer in your work as we had been trying for so long and with so many failed IVF attempts, we had given up any hope that this would happen! Our latest scan at 12 weeks showed a baby with a heart beating strong with 2 arms, 2 legs , skull and brain  everything is in place and all looks good.  Im in complete shock!  The harmony test confirm no chromosome issues and the baby is normal, you are truly a miracle worker!!!!!   EL 2018

Michelle, I can't thank you enough. You said that you would be able to help my husband and I and i didn't think for one moment that we would be regnant within 8 months especially after we had been trying for pregnancy over the last two years. I can not thank you enough and you are truly a gifted woman who i can honestly say that without your help we wouldnt be where we are now!  I'm looking forward to you helping us through our pregnancy although we are taking things with small steps, but thank you for everything you have done so far! CB 2018

Dear Michelle 

To say that we had given up hope after 7 years of trying and now have a positive confirmed natural pregnancy is just unbelievable!. As a Doctor myself, I can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance let alone your understanding and expertise in your field. I can't thank you enough to have got us this far. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough, but it is with heartfelt thanks that you have given us the hope, courage and of course the pregnancy we had been dreaming of for so long. 

LF 2018

Michelle I just want to say thank you for everything you have done and making our dreams come true. CM 2018'

Michelle is a very rare find. She is professional, compassionate and perhaps that little bit of magic. I initially came to see Michelle for treatment for anxiety and chronic fatigue with symptoms such as migraine and joint pain were just a few. Michelle continued to treat us for fertility and now with a baby boy. We adore her, as do all my friends I have recommended to see her. Fabulous, tank you so much Michelle. HB 2017. 

I feel overwhelmed writing this as I am so grateful for Michelle's expertise during my fertility journey. I felt so reassured after every session with Michelle and not only her expertise and understanding but I always felt that Michelle provided counselling also which helped so much. Michelle is extremely knowledgable and professional and helped me with PCOS and put me in a regular cycle. I now have a baby boy and I can not thank Michelle enough. HD 2017.

'I have worked together with Michelle Mulliss and her team in the care of patients trying to start a family for many years. I have always been impressed with the breath of her knowledge across both traditions of Chinese medicine and conventional western medical practice.


She has a caring and compassionate approach and is an excellent communicator. Patients find her calm and positive perspective very reassuring. With her training and experience across both disciplines, she and her team are able to provide a truly holistic evaluation of the patient and are able to recommend practical and helpful advice to help couples achieve their hope of conceiving''.

Mr Stuart Lavery Consultant Gynaecologist 

Lead Clinician  IVF Unit

Honorary Senior Lecturer Imperial College

Director IVF Hammersmith

"Dear Michelle, we are in shock and got a positive pregnancy result! I can't thank you enough to getting us to this stage. AB November 2016  


"Michelle, Amelie made her entrance into the world on 23rd August 2016, she is perfect in our eyes. Thank you Michelle for everything you have done for me xx''

SC August 2016 

Our beautiful baby girl arrived and to say we are both happy is an understatment. Your ability to help us through the darkest days with your positivity Michelle is truly your gift and we can't thank you enough for getting us to where we are as a family. Thank you so much"

FW July2016


"Michelle and her team are so lovely and I felt very relaxed during our IVF cycle in London. The team helped answer any concerns with a professional yet caring  approach, and Michelle I cant thank you enough for the out of hours emails and comunication to ease some of my emotional meltdowns, thank you and the team for everything you have done for us" 

HS April 2016

"Thank you so much Michelle for everything you have done during our pregnancy, our beautiful baby boy is content as you said he would be. We cant thank you enough for being there every step of the way"

FS Januray 2016

''Michelle were had our beautiful baby boy, he is absolutley beautiful thank you so much for everything, and bringing him early with the induction treatment''. HT August 2015 



''Thank you Michelle for everything you have done for  me, without your treatment Ava would not be here. I can't thank you enough''.KH July 2015''


''Just to let you know baby Elizabeth was born 0230am, mum and baby fine. Thank you doent cover it Michelle, we are both so happy''. May 2015


''Michelle, Just a quick note to say that baby arrived on the 3rd Feb.  She's doing great.  I had a water birth and she was out within 5 hours so pretty good and completely different to my first thankfully.  She was born 9lb 3oz so a healthy baby - Thank you for helping with labour induction it certainly made a difference''. MM  Feb 2015


''After having treatment with Michelle she suggested leading up to my period that should I be late to get a pregnancy test carried out. At the time I didnt think anything of this until I mentioned to my husband who said, she thinks your pregnant. Well I was late and went to the doctors to get a pregnancy test. My doctor asked why I thought I was pregnant and I just said because my acupuncturist said that I may be pregnant. With this he rolled his eyes and was a little dismissive so when I got the test results being positive I was just over the moon as Michelle was right!  Michelle i cant begin to tell you how amazed I am and my whole family are now convinced you actually have magical powers as yesterday we found out that we are having a boy... just like you said!! Thank you so much for everything you have done so far''. H&M 2015



''We came to Michelle after reading the evidence of increased fertility through acupuncture.
At that point we had been told by at least 3 doctors that after my partners vasectomy reversal had created an antibody level of 90%. Which apparently would never change and only have us a 12% chance at IVF. 
Undeterred Michelle started us both on a weekly programme of acupuncture and diet changes and after 8 months of following her program we were finally ready.
We had another sperm test at this point and were totally gob smacked that the antibodies level had gone down to an amazing 14%!
Plus the quality and concentration of his sample was rather impressive. In addition to this my periods were now regular, less heavy and less painful so with all fingers crossed we tried IVF.
We were successful on our first attempt and although I was secretly sceptic all the way though Michelle's treatment, I honestly believe that we wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for her.
If you only do one thing to improve your fertility, go to her as she's absolutely amazing.Thank you Michelle''. V&SS 2014



"I started acupuncture treatment with Michelle based on my doctor's advice that it would help with my egg freezing.  During the course of my treatment, I could feel its beneficial effects as it helped my body relax.  The treatment was a holistic approach as it was complemented by very helpful nutritional advice.  Having done egg freezing twice before, I did two more egg freezing cycles with acupuncture treatment and saw a significant improvement in my results. I do believe that the acupuncture treatments helped me get the best results I could, and would highly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking to maximize their results.
Thank you again for your help''. JC 2014




''Michelle, thank you for all your help during my IVF treatment. I just wanted to tell you I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with TWINS, thank you once again for all your help''. IS. 2014 




''Dear Michelle , We had our baby-Emily Louise

SHE, your first guess was correct-well done, was born on Friday 20th 11.22am weighing 8lb exactly and is perfect. Her labour was pretty quick only 11 hours from first contraction to birth and in established labour for around 3-4 hours. I was really lucky too as I got the water birth I wanted using just gas and air.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you support and treatments over the last year or so, I never dreamed that within a few months of treatments I would be pregnant and now holding my beautiful daughter in my arms. Any disbelief I initially had in acupuncture has gone and will recommend you to everyone. It is relaxing at the time and the results are simply life changing!''.


''Thank you once again and I am sure I will see you again in the future but for now take care. Love and best wishes''. MB  2014



''I was recommended to see Michelle by a friend and it’s been the best advice I could have had.  Since a bereavement I’ve had periods of increased stress, anxiety, insomnia and have found it so difficult to ‘switch off.’  The sessions with Michelle have exceeded all expectations and have taught me what it means to really relax and make sense of what is happening in our mind and body. Michelle is so supportive, and her professional, calm demeanour has been so reassuring.  I had an initial 6 sessions but now plan a regular visit and I cannot say how much I look forward to it. We all from time to time take our physical and mental health for granted; Michelle’s sessions help regroup, re-evaluate and demonstrate what relaxation really is!''.  Thanks Michelle. IS  2014




''Michelle's knowledge and approach is amazing and I thank her so much for helping me every step through this IVF cycle. She has managed my stress levels with outstanding results, thank you so much Michelle you truly are gifted''. KA  2014




''Thank you for everything, you have such a calming, lovely approach you're great, thank you so much''. LS 2014




''You have helped through difficult times and I cant thank you enough for being there supporting me when all seemed that there was no hope of us ever having a baby. I cant thank you enough for everything you have done and helped us with our dreams of the birth of our baby girl. Thank you whole heartedly''. SC 2013




''Michelle makes you feel extremely welcome, from the moment you go through the door her friendly calm and relaxed disposition goes a long way to making the whole experience very enjoyable and you leave her clinic feeling on top of the world, I would not hesitate to recommend her''. SB 2013




''I went to Michelle At Kent Acupuncture two months before my IVF treatment started. Even in that short time she improved my fertility and we were successful in conceiving on our first IVF attempt. At 43 I was delighted.

Michelle is extremely friendly, very practical and I have continued to go for acupuncture sessions with her through out my pregnancy. She has been a lovely support''. J P 2013




'' I can't say thank you enough. You gave me hope during a very stressful time to give me the most precious gift and that is our beautiful baby boy.  Thank you once again''. S W 2013



''I love coming for treatment, it is one of the most relaxing and health rewarding treatment I have ever experienced. Im so glad I found your clinic!''

S H 2013




''You had given Graham and I such confidence during our IVF treatment that we can't thank you enough''. E V 2013




''Kent Acupuncture was recommended to me by a friend , and now I know why, you truely are amazing and such a god send ” K S 2013




''You are one special Lady, Thank you for everything, I don't know what I would have done without you''. K A 2013





''Thank you for everything so far  leading up to pregnancy, and I need you to be with me through every step of the way until this baby is born!'' M L 2013




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