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Acupuncture is increasingly being recognised as an alternative form of conception treatment in clinical practice. The practice of acupuncture dates back thousands of years in China and is still part of the routine medicine given to patients alongside modern medical treatments. While acupuncture is known to be effective in treating a variety of ailments from pain management of chronic conditions, there is an increase in studies showing benefits for those experiencing infertility.


More and more couples want to enhance their chances of pregnancy, and this can be achieved through acupuncture. There have been quite a few studies to show acupuncture increases chances of pregnancy. The British Medical Journal published a review in 2008 outlining the effects of acupuncture during fertility treatment and found that genuine acupuncture had increased women’s chances of pregnancy by 65% through assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF. Kent Acupuncture is unique in offering acupuncture on site to patients at Boston Place Clinic in London immediately after embryo transfer to further enhance chances of pregnancy. 


Studies also show that acupuncture can help jump start ovulation, boost chances for successful embryo transfers and improve the quality of eggs.

On its own, acupuncture can be seen as an alternative way of treating fertility problems, as it is often seen as natural alternative to fertility treatments. When used alone, acupuncture is probably most effective for those couples who are experiencing problems, like irregular ovulation, recurrent miscarriage, low sperm count and just those unexplained fertility problems.


Acupuncture can also help those maintain a healthy pregnancy in particular for those who have had multiple miscarriages with no known genetic or clinical disorders.   


In recent years there has been an increase of women choosing acupuncture as part of their birthing plan for a natural labour with a minimal use of gas and air and to avoid the use of epidural for pain relief. Both labour induction and acupuncture during the stages of birth is a way of stimulating your natural hormone and pain response in your body and therefor allowing you to a most natural birthing process. 

Unexplained Infertility 


More than 60% of  infertility diagnosis is unexplained. The can be very frustrating for many as most prefer a diagnosis they can understand or give reason to. The causes are far and wide but the main contributing factors can be seen in those exposed to high levels of environmental and emotional stress caused from modern living of today. Michelle's treatment focuses on the mind and body to enable you to reduce the stress effects and promote your pregnancy chances for live births.    


Women today are suffering with PCOS and the research is limited to it's understanding of pathology or cause. There is a difference between  PCO and PCOS. PCO refers to an ultrasound scan image of ovaries that appear to have high density of partially mature follicles. PCOS is the presence of a higher than normal male hormone and irregular periods, so a women can have PCOS without her ovaries being polycystic. 

Symptoms of PCOS can include irregular periods, weight gain, excess hair particularly in usual male hair growth regions as well as acne.   


Lifestyle can be a contributing factor with some element of genetics involved, however it is not clear to the cause. Michelle has treated many women with PCOS to regain their natural cycle and allow them to ovulate naturally and therefor pregnancy. Michelle uses a combination of acupuncture, nutrition and aromatherapy to change the internal environment allow your body's hormones and its function to promote a normal and regular cycle.  

Blocked Tubes or mechanical disorders 

Patent or tubal blockage for both women and men is a cause for infertility and the need for assisted treatment such as IVF. 

Michelle helps promote egg, lining or sperm quality alongside your IVF to help increase your IVF chances


Preparation for your appointment

Michelle Mulliss as a fertility expert along with her team of Acupuncture Fertility and Women's Health specialists are dedicated to delivering quality of care that improves your health and well being right from the start whether preparing you for conception as well as during your pregnancy and birth. 


We pride ourselves that our practitioners are highly trained and skilled in treating fertility with a great understanding of western medicine treatments as well as that of chinese medicine theory to really bring together the integration and a holistic approach to your fertility and reproductive needs. 


Registered with the British Fertility Society and memberships that include the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Acupuncture Council, Michelle has over 30 years experience working in the National Health and Private Health care, as well as working alongside leading consultants in the UK to bring a unique integration of western and Chinese medicine. We are proud to say that we are unique in providing Fertility Acupuncture services to London's prestigious and state of the art Boston Place Reproductive and IVF Clinic in Marylebone so you can be sure of expertise throughout your treatments needs. 


On arrival to your initial consultation, our team will carry out a full medical history taking account your fertility and reproduction history along with your general medical and nutrional history.


Your tongue and pulse will be looked at as part of the treatment assessment as well as everytime you have a treatment, this provides information to your general body state and confirms diagnosis.


Comfortable clothing is advised when attending your sessions so that we can access acupuncture points along various parts the body. Acupuncture may take place whilst you are laying on your front or on your back, but your practitioner will advise you as we take pride in ensuring of your comfort and dignity at all times.


Our services include preparing your body to enhance your fertility needs as well as during your pregnancy ensure of a healthy pregnancy for you and your developing baby.


''If you only do one thing to improve your fertility, go to her as she's absolutely amazing.''

Thank you Michelle.

V and S 

''We were successful on our first attempt and although I was secretly sceptic all the way though Michelle's treatment, I honestly believe that we wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for her.''

E and J 

''Michelle, thank you for all your help during my IVF treatment. I just wanted to tell you I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with TWINS, thank you once again for all your help. 

I and S

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