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Nurture Your Fertility Retreat

Trying for a baby can be one of the most stressful experience you will ever encounter, and you hear the many stories of those who fall pregnant when on holiday or when they least expect it.

Here is a unique chance for you to spend quality time as I discuss ways to improve your fertility within an environment that focuses on your reproductive health within a luxury environment that can only help.

So much research is out there particularly with those with unexplained fertility and although we cannot be clear of the reasons for the unexplained infertility, lifestyle choices is certainly a consideration.

I will be addressing the many causes of infertility at Champneys resorts in Henlow and Tring to allow you to take control when infertility can seem a very out of control situation.

There is a high degree of personalisation with a one to one approach that is tailored to your needs to allow you to make the necessary lifestyle and long term changes for your individual fertile and well women’s health needs.

Retreats include acupuncture sessions with Michelle along with a woodland walk to immerse yourself within the beautiful grounds of nature and a chance to spend time to follow the concepts of a balanced lifestyle approach.

This unique integrated program gets results and I have seen continued success rates with improved reproductive health for both men and women with many pregnancy outcomes which many gynaecologist colleagues find difficult to understand with sometimes very difficult medical case studies.

As a western medical clinician, scientist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I can fully appreciate the needs of the patient.

Acupuncture alone has seen many studies proving its effectiveness of enhancing pregnancy outcomes. This program uses a collaborative approach by understanding your clinical needs along with the use of acupuncture, nutrition and exercise with the knowledge to reduce stress to enhance your reproductive health.

Research has shown that Acupuncture alone being carried out during IVF can help increase your fertility chances up to 65%, although it is true there are many factors that can help or inhibit this result.

Many couples have difficulties conceiving and my passion and knowledge of conventional and natural medicine for an integrated approach has allowed many couples to acquire knowledge and understanding to make those lifestyle changes has enabled them to have their dreams come true.

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