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Kent Clinics



Diagnosis, initial assessment and treatment:                                                  £90

Follow up treatments                                                                                        £55

Chinese Food Energetics and Nutrition                                                         £95

Initial consultation with advice for health includes a diet plan.                                                                                                             

Follow up Food Energetics appointments.                                                    £55

Include a personalised diet plan


Labour Induction                                                 


Labour Assistance                                                                                            £400*

*for first 4 hours £50 for each hour thereafeter




Boston Place Clinic

Initial Consultation with treatment                                                                £150


IVF package - including consultation and treatments at key stages of your IVF process at egg collection and pre and post embryo transfer to enhance your pregnancy outcomes.                                                                                                                                                  £480


Egg collection- Acupuncture is carried out immediately post egg collection to reduce any swelling and promote uterine receptivity for your embryo transfer.                    £120 

Embryo Transfer - Two sessions of Acupuncture are carried out immediately before Embryo transfer and another when you come out of theatre to enhance your pregnancy outcomes.                                                                                                                                      £240 


Andrology - Acupuncture to improve semen motility and morphology. Treatments can be tailored for individual requirements and body needs. A minimum of six sessions are advised two weeks before sample should be given.                                                                   £120                                                                                                    



Well being - Acupuncture is provided to promote egg quality and prepare the uterine lining ready for embryo transfer. Treatments are designed to meet your body needs that promote health and ensure you are in a healthy state both by reducing stress and ensuring your body is working at its optimal.                                               



10 Harley Street London


Acupuncture Initial consultation  including treatment.                             £190

Please allow and hour and a half                                                                   

Follow up Fertility Acupuncture appointmets                                            £130

Nutrition Advice.                                                                                            £150

Any blood and hair screening analysis in addition to consultation fees. 

Follow up treatments.                                                                                    £100

Diet plans reviews including individual nutrition plan


Labour Pain Management / Induction.

Please call for further information.                                                           £650*

*for first 4 hours £100 each hour thereafter


Private health insurers including HSA, do cover Acupuncture treatment. Please check your policy or contact your own insurer.


Prices Inclusive of VAT. 


Terms & Conditions:


A surcharge of 2.5% will be added to payments made by Visa and Mastercard credit cards.  All payments made by cash, cheque with guarantee card or debit card will not incur a surcharge.

Due to demand of our appointments, we regret that there will be a full appointment charge for any cancellation made within 24 hours of your appointment and that 50% of the appointment fee will be charged for appointments cancelled within 48 hours.

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