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Chinese Herbal Mediine for Fertility


Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years and uses the understanding of nature for its concept and is the basis of its theory . Chinese medicine uses Acupuncture, Food Energetics and Herbal Medicine to treat a range of conditions and illhealth to restore balance, wellbeing and ultimately health.


Chinese Herbal medicine for fertility is used in combination with acupuncture and nutiriton that focuses on enhancing a couples pregnancy outcomes. London Kent Acupuncture Natural Fertility UK offers Chinese Herbal medicine to clients that help improve egg and sperm quality as well as helping develop the endometrial lining ready for conception to take place.


Chinese Herbal Medicine for Fertility


In a review published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, women receiving Chinese medicine treatments were twice as likely to get pregnant within a four-month period than those receiving conventional Western medical treatments. The findings also suggested that the quality of the menstrual cycle - a key component in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis -- appears to be crucial to the successful treatment of female infertility. Infertility is generally defined as an inability to conceive after a year or more of regular sexual activity without using birth control.

History and use of Chinese Herbal Medicine


There is a long recorded history of Chinese herbs being used in the treatment of infertility. In fact, records indicating herbal treatment of infertility and miscarriage date back to 200 A.D., including mention of formulas that are still used for those same purposes today. The first book devoted solely to gynecology and obstetrics, "The Complete Book of Effective Prescriptions for Diseases of Women," was published in 1237 A.D.
Alternative TCM treatments have become increasingly popular in Western countries as more and more couples find out firsthand how effective and safe they are. It is with good reason that more than a quarter of the world's population regularly uses Chinese medicine as part of their health care regimen and that TCM is the only form of classical medicine that is regularly used outside of its country of origin.

Improving Your Fertility with Chinese Herbs 


In general, it is appropriate to treat any type of infertility condition with Chinese herbal medicines. This includes advanced maternal age, luteal-phase-defect, premature ovarian failure, male factor, or unexplained symptoms. Clinical observers have reported impressive results when mixing herbs with gonadotropins during intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles.


The herbs seem to enhance the effects of the gonadotropins, and they do not pose the risk of OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome).


Giusi Pezzotta MSc our Chinese Herbal medicine fertility specialist has a masters degree in Chinese Herbal medicine and uses herbs that are regulated within the UK and will assess your fertility needs and can prescribe herbs to help increase your fertility outcomes.  



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