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Natural Fertility


We pride ourselves of promoting natural fertility with results of up to 85% of all our patients on our treatment program using our research and clinical data. Acupuncture and nutrition are used to give you the best chance to enhance your cellular function and pregnancy outcomes using our very own unique integrative 

Chinese and western medicine concepts which are protected by our registered intellectual property.



Mens Health 

Treatment for male health includes improving your fertility to improve sperm count, motility and morphology. Using latest research in Andrology is key to understanding your clinical diagnosis. With our treatment program we have seen significant improvements integrating our science  and natural concepts for your successes of pregnancy outcomes. 

Assisted IVF Fertility

During Assisted IVF, we adapt treatment to complement your body needs during any assisted fertility. This includes IUI, IVF ICSI as well as donor. We help you through the stages of  stimulation, egg harvest, and embryo transfer where we use much researched protocols and evidence that has seen increases of up to 65% of pregnancy outcomes.  

Labour Induction


Labour induction treatment can start as early at your 37th week of pregnancy and 36 weeks if your baby is breech to turn baby. Acupuncture is used with the aim to prepare your body for labour allowing the release of natural hormones whilst relaxing you. We also treat mothers who are at 40 weeks term to help assist and facilitate the onset of labour.



Treatment during your pregnancy is focused on maintaining your health and that of your developing baby. We provide treatment at every stage of your pregnancy particulary for the early pregnancy symptoms of morning sickness as well as helping those who have experienced mulitple miscarriages.

Birthing Acupuncture


We are proud to offer a unique service  during the onset and stages of labour in your own home and then into a hospital setting if thats where your choose to have your baby. We provide acupuncture and acupressure massage during the stages of labour for pain management to help you achieve a most natural labour. This service is offered to those without  complications and as part of your birthing plan.

Hormonal Health 

For women, good balanced hormones will usually give an indication of overall health. Stress can affect our hormones and inducing symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, stress, bloating, painful periods, sleepless nights, hot sweats are to name a few, but to highlight the fact that if your hormones are balanced then the chances are your in good health. 

Michelle treats many women and men using an integrated approach to promote their overall  health and helps manage gynaecological and urological conditions such as painful periods, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, menopause, prostatitis, male infertility, and general hormonal imbalances including adrenal fatigue what ever the cause.  


Nutrition forms part of the supporting treatment for our 85% success in pregnancy outcomes and we provide nutritional advice that takes into account both Traditional Chinese medicine nutritional theory and conventional western medicine to enhance your health. Michelle is passionate about food and holds workshops and courses as she demonstrates her passion of food and cooking, but most importantly shows you how to use food to improve your health.


Why not join Michelle Mulliss with her unique integrative cooking courses to help you understand the nutritional benefits and how to cook delicious great meals with the foods that Michelle advises her patients in all aspects of health. 

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